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It’s not rocket science. Let me show you how.


Consultation Service

If you don't know where to start or if your current marketing plan is a mess, then this service is for you. I will audit your online presence, check out your competitors, and provide you with a short to long term marketing plan.


Setup Service

If you already have a solid marketing plan and would like to get started on it I can help you set it all up. From websites to social accounts creation, I'll get it all ready for you. In addition, I will also be doing optimizations to make them ready for marketing.


Maintenance Service

If you have been doing online marketing for a while now and would like to not just maintain it but to take it to the next level then this service is for you. From blogging to site updating to social media posting, I have you covered.

Need a custom marketing service?

3 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Let me know what you need done

Step 2 - I'll tell you how it could be done

Step 3 - Together let's get it done

Here's what each step entails

Step 1 - let's talk about you

Any marketing task I do starts with getting to know you and your business.

Every marketing plan has to be unique to the business, which is why I go to lengths adapting my proven strategies to your particular situation. The most important part of this step is setting realistic goals. We need to agree on it before we begin in order to avoid miscommunications down the line. Here’s what I need from you.

Your Vision

It may seem a bit overboard, but I do care about what your vision is for your business.

My experience has taught me that working on the same wavelength as my client often results to a campaign that is time and cost efficient.

Your Goals

In this case, the goals you have for this particular task or campaign.

Online marketing often has predefined goals, but I want to ensure that whatever tasks or campaign goals I will be setting is aligned to yours.

Your Budget

As much as I don’t like to be constrained in terms of quality, I also need to be realistic about the extent of what I can do for you.

However, I guarantee that whatever your budget is I will not only work within it but also provide a little extra that goes a long way.

Step 2 - What I can do for you

Although my forte is coming up with holistic strategies to get the maximum ROI for my clients, I am also proficient in tactic-based tasks that includes website design and management, SEO, social media management, content marketing, email marketing, paid ads campaigns, ad graphics and design, layouts, and more.

During this step, I will be incorporating what I learned from Step 1 into ensuring that both your and standard marketing goals are met. Be it just a simple website design or a full-blown marketing campaign, you can be sure that they are all done in high quality.

Once I have it all figured out I will present to you an action plan for your approval. The plan will include details of how the task will be carried out, milestones, timelines, costs, and recommendations for future actions.

Some clients I've worked with

I have been working with Hendrix for over 9 months now. He is awesome to work with, very smart and well written. He has helped me out on numerous projects-built my drone aerial photography website, advertising campaigns on Facebook with my online store and is currently doing SEO, website design, marketing for a new website I have started. I will continue working with Hendrix as he is so great to work with and helps me tremendously. He keeps me updated on current projects and responds in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend Hendrix as he will be a huge asset to any project you might have.

Bill Strong

Sky View Las Vegas

Step 3 - Implementation

Once we’ve agreed on a course of action, it’s time to get started!

During the course of my contract with you I will be following a timeline based on the proposal. Milestones could be as simple as setting up social media accounts or as complex as meeting goals with specific targets.

To monitor the progress of tasks, you will be given access to my project management dashboard where you can see how each task is doing. You can also post notes and comments on each task. Regular reports will be sent via email.

Once all tasks are done we will determine whether all goals set by the contract have been met. I will be sending you an end-of-contract report that details the success of each task.

Following timelines

Jan -
Phase 1
  • Task1
  • Task2
  • Task3
Mar -
Phase 2
  • Task1
  • Task2
  • Task3

Monitoring Progress

Website design


Social media setup


Content creation


Market research


TecchnicalS EO


Measuring success


It's that easy!

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