Dear life,
First of all, let me congratulate you for once again getting the upper hand. I have to admit that you are one tough and shrewd contender. My respect to you.
As for the purpose of this letter, I would simply like to express how much I have come to value you. Though we often come to a head because of all the shit you have thrown my way so far, it has only increased my appreciation for the immense strength hidden within me. You have shown me that you give me trials not because you hate me but because you want me to grow stronger through the lessons I learn after overcoming every adversity. I would really want to show my appreciation for you in more than just a letter.
But I won’t.
Did you honestly believe that I would write you a mushy letter? Dream on.
First off, your lessons have become quite repetitive. It’s not that I haven’t learned, it’s simply that the people you have chosen to throw my way to teach me a lesson have become quite predictable. You seem to be losing your knack for weaving a tapestry of chaotic beauty.
Second, you have become annoyingly ungrateful. You exist because I do. Go figure.
Third, you are getting redundant in your obsession to teach me. While it is true that I live like I’m dying, that doesn’t mean that I’m reckless. Stop throwing multiple dangers my way. Death has never been an effective teaching tool.
Fourth, fifth, and sixth, you seriously need to re-evaluate your take on faith. Belief, be it blind or not, always requires a gamble. It is not about the odds but about what’s at stake.
Lastly, go get a girlfriend. Or do you prefer same sex relationships?
Blue Pax

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