None of us really dream. It’s just an illusion that we choose to believe in to keep alarm clocks happy.
And why should’nt we? After all, alarm clocks define our existence, no matter how much we’d like to ignore them. They are a constant reminder of the mundane inanity called reality. They exist to give life some sort of perspective amid all the confusion of practicality and objectivity.
We would not have advanced as a race without alarm clocks.
They wake us up. They give us hope that somehow, by getting up, things would get worse but not as worse as the next day. They give new meaning to the term blind faith. We choose to believe, we choose to gamble our fate on them, therefore we exist. As confusing as that sounded, our lives are actually defined by our ability to gamble on the seemingly inconsequential things.
Such as alarm clocks.
I never do make sense when sober. I am driven by my ability to be in an endless state of drunkeness. I hate gambling on alarm clocks.
Most of all, I hate waking up to the calls of a pessimist.

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