My first and last attempt at song composition…
Yes, it has been fun
But now I ought to leave
Taxi’s here and waiting
Nothing more up my sleeve
But really girl, you oughta’ know
Why I badly need to go
I didn’t come here to sing your praises
Nor hear you sing mine
You oughta’ look beyond this face
And hear beyond these words
We haven’t been on this train for long
Yet right from the very start
You searched a place for your fractured heart
I reached out to meet you halfway
But all you saw were black and gray
Yes, this is just me
My poetry is the height of deceit
My words are masks, my actions faceted
My life is the epitome of contradiction
My emotions the pedestal of sinners
My passion sows anger
And my reality destroys hope
You oughta’ see the fallacy of your words
And the duplicity of your actions
We haven’t been on this train for long
Though your heart lost its design
Still, take my hand and let’s redefine
Come and meet me halfway my love
And leave this train to the gods.
bm cc 080710

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