it seems
inevitable. death
like the reddest of rose petals
slowly fading
as sure as the setting
of a raging sun.
for freedom, for an escape
the self-made
miser’s cage. binding
gripping like talons
contorted lips trying
to break free.
lying helpless
unseeing crowds flitting
through time
and space. desolation.
exorcising the demons
raging in my head.
bleeding. wringing out
the despair in me.
death, yes death
fill me with your love.
(2002 CEGP convention)
**Deirdre de(i)-rd-re, deir-dre as a girl’s name is pronounced DEER-drah. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Deirdre is “broken-hearted, sorrowful”. Also possibly “fear” or “raging woman”Mythology: from a Celtic legend similar to “Tristram and Isolde”. The Celtic Deirdre was the most beautiful woman in Ireland. She died of a broken heart. Soap opera actress Deirdre Hall.

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