There is no such thing as the truth.
The world is flat; humans don’t need oxygen; and the earth is the center of the solar system. Dragons, the winged and fire-breathing kind, did exist. So did unicorns and care bears. Politicians never lie, they just want to be politically correct. Left-handed people aren’t really left-handed, it’s just an illusion of space and time. There is no such thing as the truth, for what is true for me may not be for you.
There is no such thing as faith.
The entire cosmos emerged from nowhere and nothing. No greater force, no deity, no disembodied consciousness intervened to form the universe. There is no law of nature, no force that connects every living being. Fate is a fallacy, destiny imaginary. Trust is measured neither by intellect nor emotion but by the inherent randomness of the non-existent forces that are not present in life. There is no such thing as faith, for we are dictated by perceptions.
There is no such thing as love.
Your skin is not alabaster-like in its perfection; your pouty lips are naught but a trick of the light. Those haughty yet cryptic eyes, they are but a product of hunger-driven imagination. That beguiling and dazzling and mesmerizing smile that seeks to enslave is as powerless as a raging sun. That divine body, that entirely angelic body, the one that every man bitten by wanderlust would like to travel in, to explore, to caress every inch, it is as common as dew drops on a misty morning. That wit, oh that terribly captivating wit, it is but a book left unread –a mystery soon solved. There is no such thing as love, for it requires faith and truth, both of which don’t exist.
There is no such thing as we.
For if there was, I wouldn’t be writing about truth and faith and love and this confession of how much I miss you.

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