If life is a battleground, when you die, did you lose or win?

What is it with death that fills us with such morbid fascination? This taste for the macabre, enticing yet repulsive all at once, is it really innate in each of us or a natural result of the society we grew up in?

That incessant rumbling we hear with every heartache, with every pulsing of a desolate and fractured heart, is it a harbinger of worse things to come?

For those with nearly rabid and maniacal urges to entice happines into their lives, is happiness then a measure of living, or but a mile marker in our daily lives?

In every blind pursuit, every mindless chase for answers to life’s mysteries, every goddamned leap of faith, are we not lucky to have mysteries still to ponder, to hinge our faith on, to act as anchors to our existence?

If parting is such sweet sorrow, would we know it as such if we didn’t part? Or, had we gone on, would sweet and sorrow remain mere words, as empty, as ugly as what we would have eventually become to each other?

For ever question we ask to the world, should we not twice ask ourselves first?

Tagay na lang ta sa baybayon. Maypa ang simple nga kinabuhi, simple sad ang kalipay.


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