Like most people last Tuesday, I was also stuck at home waiting for Typhoon Bopha to make landfall. Afternoon came, yet all over the city all we got were slight drizzling and glowering clouds.
It finally got so boring that I went out to have a beer or two despite the threat of strong winds and rain. As I was walking towards my favorite watering hole, I noticed how beautiful the clouds looked in their chaotic dance. It was the first time I saw crisscrossing clouds moving that way.
That was when I got the idea to make a time lapse video. So I immediately went home, totally forgot all about getting a beer, and took this.

The photos used here were taken using an android phone between 3:40-5:40PM on December 4 and rendered on a PC to make this video. There are a total of 2220 photos here with a time interval of 3 seconds between each shot.
My first few tries were a mess, what with one loop cut short because the wind knocked my phone down. Good thing my younger sister had the idea to use the iPhone stand to hold my Samsung phone. Enjoy! 🙂

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