the start of a whole new year is like the rising of the sun, it’s a multi-faceted story of events that were, events that will be, and events that are ongoing.
on new year’s eve, we all have our own stories.
some will reminisce the year that has gone by, thinking of what ifs and should haves.
some will see the next year as a second chance, to right wrongs and do better.
some will don new masks, and some will remove theirs.
some will defy norms and spend the last few minutes alone, in deep contemplation, hoping for an epiphany.
yet for most, it is just another day.
driver’s plying their routes hoping to squeeze a few more pesos for their families. calamity survivors huddled in evacuation centers unsure of what the new year has in store for them. the homeless sitting dazed in street corners gazing blindly at passing cars, idly wondering what to do amidst all the merriment and celebrations.
and then there are those who are well-off, yet are probably the loneliest people on the planet.
yes, we all have our stories to tell. mine was told, yours will be. and in the coming year we will write new ones.
in the end, it really is just another year. as individuals, it is still up to us to determine our own fate. as a race, we still need to collectively address global issues.
but despite all that, every new year’s eve, as the clock ticks down towards midnight, it gives us all hope.
here’s to wishing that that sense of hope will not leave us this year. have a good year ahead everyone. my sincerest good wishes to most, my deepest apologies to others, and my grandest sarcasm to those who deserve it.

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