The year 2013 for me has been a seemingly endless series of parties at various clubs, hunting at singles bars, and searching for that perfect watering hole with the right blend of intellectuals and dreamers to have infinite discussions with.
While there have been some (ok quite a few) not so great moments, in general it has been a sort of discovery for me. Several times I have been forced to rethink my perception of human nature, though not the basest ones. Perhaps it has something to do with the diversity of people I have interacted with, or the incredibly wide difference in ages. But whatever the reason, those nights out exploring the city amid the dangers, both physically and emotionally, have made me appreciate more my decision to let go and let loose. For almost a decade I have hidden behind masks, sometimes out of neccesity but often out of curiosity, that it has become a habit. Too much of a habit.
Do I have any regrets? None that made me want to change.
The year thus far has been nearly the same, but there is this growing yearning for something more than self-discovery and psychological experiments at the expense of people I meet. Almost like an existential angst, yet not quite. There is no desire to seek and understand the mysteries of life. There is no longing for enlightenment. Just this base feeling that there is something out there that I MUST tap in to.
Perhaps sometime this year it will come to me. But for now, life goes on.

Have you been Rescued?
Night life at Rescue Bar and Lounge.

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