let me scream, tonight
when angels are gazing
sadly upon humanity.
let me scream, allow
this hunger to bare its fangs.
this sole witness, allow it
to ravage and feed on pity.
let it devour apologies
and feeble humility, stifled
yet with eyes shining bright
as a flame in this lonely night.
let me scream, i beg you.
this moment must not pass by
without songs of lament
echoing on walls of justice.
this raging dance of anger
must not be wasted, else we,
with our unflinching faith,
suffer in silence as slaves.
let me scream, hear me,
hear the fury escape my lips.
feel its confusion burn, let it
sear the very depths of being.
our wrath, bestow it upon
this multitude of saints and
sinners alike. when nothing
else shall bear this yoke.
let me scream, taste these tears.
savor every drop falling
from eyes long bereft of life.
see it kiss this dark cheek,
gently caressing red lips
contorted by fear and despair.
bm, sc 121008



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