do poets dream
an immortal’s dream?
when words flourish
tumbling beautifully;
when endless lines
betray confusion;
when doubts linger
in every penstroke;
do poets dream forever
amidst all these?
do poets weep
in blissful sorrow?
when the past leaps
unmercifully arrogant;
when the future beckons
in lasting temptations;
when the present mocks
a coward’s facade;
do poets weep eternal
in sad contemplation?
do poets laugh
a pauper’s laughter?
when kith and kin
mingle in desire;
when friends overwhelm
solitude’s call;
when love teases
shackled in lust;
do poets laugh anew
at these perfections?
do poets die
yielding to certainty?
when faith blinds
savage reasoning;
when beliefs commune
with stinging apathy;
when knowledge fails,
raving in duplicity;
do poets die screaming
when sanity flees?
Baguio City. March 12, 2006


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