Northern Luzon Project: Vintar, Ilocos Norte

The Northern Luzon series is a photo essay of scenes I experienced while doing a 3-month project for an NGO. The project requires me to travel to several towns in Northern Luzon to document various disaster-preparedness projects.

The laid-back municipality of Vintar, a first class and the largest municipality in the province of Ilocos Norte, is the first leg of my tour in Northern Luzon. I passed by here a couple of times more than a decade ago, but this is the first time I got to explore it more.

My first impression of it was one of richness, not just in scenery but of the people’s financial status as well. The small towns we passed by, even those on very remote areas, had large and well-built houses typical of rich farmers. The vast farmlands I saw may account for most of the wealth, and in some areas I was told that most families have at least one member working abroad.

There wasn’t much opportunity to take photos on the way to the project location because I can’t just tell the driver to stop so I could take photos. Some of the scenes were truly amazing, especially when we traveled parallel to Bislak River. I did get parts of it on the way back because I sat on the jeepney’s roof, but being on a moving vehicle doesn’t give you much options for composition.

We might be going back another time though, hopefully I could take more photos then. For now, here are some I took. Enjoy!