That elusive hash brown drowned in melancholia

Today was no different from the previous days of the past weeks. Nothing new, nothing remarkable. Not even a single second offered a chance to break the monotony. Why then do I now feel that there was something today that I should have noticed; should have remembered? It wasn’t the book I read, nor was […]

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My daily menu

Breakfast. It is said that it is the most important meal for anyone, so let me start with that. My typical breakfast consists of half a loaf of pessimism and a bowl of apathy. Two weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised to see a small helping of optimism upon waking up. I thought hey, this […]

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In praise of it

This is in praise of the divine. The benevolent. The almighty. In whose infinite patience we bask, in whose shadow we cower. I would use “it”, for it transcends gender and scoffs at the thought of opposing sexes. It is a personification, yet still, it has neither personality nor character. It has a will –powerful […]

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