Wanderlust series – Lingayen

**For more than 10 years, I was lucky enough to have a job that not only required me to travel but paid for all my expenses as well. It was only years later, when I decided to return to Cebu and settle down for good, that I came to appreciate the wealth of knowledge and experience that I earned in all of my travels. The Wanderlust series is part of my effort to show to the current generation, through images, how rewarding traveling in your own country can be, how it defines you as a person and helps you grow into a mature individual. All photos in the series were taken with either a 2mp digicam or a mobile phone camera. If you have any questions, feel free to post one below. Enjoy! 🙂


In early 2004, I was assigned at Lingayen to help jump start a research project on solar energy that required a rural setting. I was supposed to stay for only a month, but the serenity of the place captivated me and I ended up staying for nearly 4 months. There was something about the history of the area that spoke to me. It told tales of bravery and faith and a complete love for one’s country. Only 2 years out of college and coming from a nearly disastrous relationship, I naturally fell in love with Lingayen. It offered solace, peace, freedom.

But, as they say, all good things come to an end. I eventually had to leave once the project was able to sustain itself. But my stay in Lingayen was not for nothing, for it triggered realizations that became the foundation for self-growth. It developed a sense of deeper introspection in me that would come to define how I see and live every new place that I am in.

I hope to return someday and revisit these places. For now, I’ll just have to contend myself with the memories evoked by these pictures.

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