I often fear for my sanity to such extreme degrees that my innate fear of death equals my fear for being alive. In such moments I look up at the heavens and remind myself that I am an infinitesimal being in a vast, untapped universe full of mysteries -possibly finite yet impossibly overwhelming.

Then I look at myself in a mirror, and I am reminded that I too am plagued by the quintessential human problem, that of hope, and it being both the greatest human strength and the greatest human weakness.

And after all that, I look at my hand, and marvel at how perfectly a cold bottle of beer fits in its palm.

Enough of that existential shit. Below are my landscape and street photos taken all over the Philippines, some of which are for sale. Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll also be posting some of the stories behind these photos as well as photography tips and tutorials on my blog, so be sure to bookmark it. Thanks and keep on shooting!